TMA offers Guaranteed Ride Home Service

TMA has partnered with the State of Tennessee to offer state employees who work within Davidson County a guaranteed ride home when an emergency arises. It is for riders on RTA/WeGo Train, RTA/WeGo commute express, WeGo Bus, and VanStar rideshare vans who cannot ride home with their normal vanpool, train, or express bus.

TMA Guaranteed Ride Home ensures participants six free rides per year for unexpected emergencies such as an illness or a sick child. Participants are provided a voucher for a taxi that covers the cost of the ride.

Participants create an account on the new website, After registering, participants can print off the required voucher and contact the designated taxi company.

The new service has been extended from the VanStar rideshares to now include train and bus options for state employees.

The Guaranteed Ride Home does not include inclement weather.

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