Stephanie Tillman talks with Stay Positive News on VanStar’s Efforts

Stephanie Tillman, business development director for the TMA Group was happy to talk to Stay Positive News about the benefits of VanStar in the Middle Tennessee community!

Stay Positive News, based right in the heart of Middle Tennessee, aims to highlight all good and positive news going on around us. Sarah Ricciardi, writer for Stay Positive News, spoke with Stephanie Tillman last month to showcase VanStar’s efforts to improve commuting within Tennessee.

The article details the process of riding with VanStar, from beginning to end–with the end result always being employees arriving to work or home on time, rested, and relaxed.

“Indeed, this program gives our Middle Tennessee communities more than transportation; VanStar gives access to choices. No longer bound by town limits or vehicle accessibility, an individual is armed with the ability to choose. That’s a powerful, positive impact.”

The complete article titled “VanStar Takes the Stress, Cost Out of Commuting to Work” can be found here.

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