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iStock_000008030515XSmallThere are several easy changes we can make to our daily routine that make a positive impact on our air quality. Here are just a few:

  • LIMIT DRIVING– Carpool, vanpool, walk, bike, or use public transportation. If you have to drive, avoid idling and abrupt starts and stops.
  • TRIP CHAIN– Plan your errands out ahead of time and do them all together in an order that makes the most sense.
  • SKIP THE DRIVE-THRU—Instead of idling in line at the fast food restaurant or bank, park the car and go inside.
  • REFUEL WHEN ITS COOL & STOP AT THE CLICK—Vapors released when fueling your vehicle mix with the heat and sun to produce ground level ozone. So refuel after dusk. Stopping at the “click” also prevents vapors from escaping, so avoid the temptation of topping off.
  • LET THE GRASS GROW—Avoid using gasoline powered lawn equipment, including mowers & trimmers on Air Alert Days.
  • PACK A LUNCH—Pack your lunch and take it to work with you! Or if it’s a nice day, walk to a nearby restaurant! This eliminates a trip out in the middle of day when ozone is most likely to be created.

U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Carbon Calculator

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