Building Solutions for Employee’s Commute Challenges

Large employers are in the most strategic position to better navigate the commute landscape of a region.

TMA’s CMUTER division will give you an employer’s blueprint for influencing the commute behavior of employees, providing you with a vision for future infrastructure and recruitment strategies.

CMUTER helps employers do the following:

  • Harness data from your own employee commute data so you know how they currently get to work.
  • Manage your commuter product choices, including parking, transit, ridesharing, van commutes, and more.
  • Empower employees to make smart commute decisions by offering flexible daily choices, incentives, and peer-to-peer engagement.

CMUTER is powered by Luum, an enterprise-grade commuter benefits management software.

Luum is a digital technology that allows employers to be in the driver's seat. With Luum, CMUTER can activate commuter policies, engage employees, create attractive incentives, and support the implementation of forward-thinking demand management strategies.

Car Pools and Ride Share can minimize traffic and improve air quality

Through management of a vanpool or carpool program, TMA has a unique knowledge of the parking and commuter rideshare needs.

Setting up school or business ride share programs is needed for minimizing traffic congestion, improve the air quality, and make life a bit simpler.

To learn more about setting up a rideshare program, contact us.

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