Street Talk with Mayor Dr. Ken Moore

Street Talk is a series of conversations with state and community leaders that explore the latest transportation issues trends, and topics impacting Middle Tennessee.

In our latest episode, Mayor Dr. Ken Moore talks Franklin Transit, Mobility, Technology, and the Growth of the city many call home.

When asked about changes in the workforce of Franklin, Dr. Ken Moore proudly bragged about his community, “One of the reasons Williamson County and Franklin are so successful in this is because we have such a skilled and highly educated workforce where over 70% of our population has a college degree.” 

Franklin, according to Moore, is experiencing more demand in workforce than ever before. This, and the boom in growth of Franklin, ecourages transportation efforts such as more sidewalks and public transporation services-which the city and TMA are always working towards.

Dr. Ken Moore has served eleven years as mayor of Franklin, Tennessee, and is looking forward to many more as he runs again in this year’s election.

“We’re envisioning a plan to continue to keep Franklin a place where people want to live, work, raise their family, and worship-and at the same time we’re measuring how we’re doing.”

Election Day is October 24th! Remember to register before the deadline, September 25th.

*Early voting begins October 4th and runs through October 19th.

Watch our complete interview with Dr. Ken Moore here.


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