John Schroer Named Chairman of Franklin Transit Authority

March 14, 2022

The Franklin Transit Authority announces John Schroer’s unanimous appointment as Chairman. Mr. Schroer’s transportation and government experience are extensive. He served as the Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (2011-19). Additionally, he has served as City of Franklin Mayor…

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Amazon commits $75 million to develop 800 new affordable Nashville housing units near WeGo public transit sites

July 21, 2021

Amazon has committed $75 million for developers to create 800 affordable homes in the Nashville area near WeGo high-capacity transit corridors, ensuring that moderate- to low-income residents can afford urban housing with easy access to employment, schools, healthcare and more.…

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Increased ridesharing results in fewer car accidents and drunk driving, new study says

June 21, 2021

The increased use of ridesharing apps was linked to a decrease in motor vehicle collisions and impaired driving convictions in Houston, according to a new study by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. The research is timely…

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AI technology may be the solution to long traffic light waits

June 14, 2021

Americans spend about 17.25 million hours waiting for poorly time traffic signals every day. Every day! That’s according to a recent study by Inrix, a transportation data company that tracked the movements of thousands of connected vehicles every five seconds…

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Get ready, Nashville! Music City ranks in the Top 5 destinations for Memorial Day road trips

May 28, 2021

AAA expects an estimated 37 million Americans to travel during the long Memorial Day weekend and Nashville is among the top five destinations for those planning road trips.   The auto club’s travel bookings and TripTik road trip searches indicate…

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Tennessee and other state highway departments clear the way for a smoother holiday road trip

May 27, 2021

Road warriors, start your engines, because the Tennessee Department of Transportation plans to suspend all road construction during the busy Memorial Day weekend, making it easier for motorists to enjoy holiday travel. Other neighboring states, including Alabama, Georgia and South…

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All aboard! Amtrak may return to Nashville

May 26, 2021

While the recent proposal by President Joe Biden for proposed rail service is exciting — particularly the Nashville to Atlanta route — don’t start packing just yet. The Biden plan is still brand new and, as with any government proposal, plans…

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Southerners spend more of their income on commuting

May 17, 2021

We Southerners spend a larger percentage of our income getting to and from work than other regions of the United States, largely because of the length of our commutes, according to one survey. The annual cost of commuting varies from…

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Expect higher gas prices from Colonial Pipeline cyberattack

May 12, 2021

Gas stations in some Southeastern states and along the East Coast were running out of gas this week partly because panicked customers were rushing to fill their tanks after a major pipeline shut down over the weekend. Some Middle Tennessee…

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Nashville mayor proposes fully funding the city’s public transportation

May 10, 2021

In what Nashville Mayor John Cooper said is, “the largest funding of transportation that we’ve ever seen,” he proposed $53 million in funding for WeGo Public Transit services, restoring the $22.3 million cut from last year’s budget, plus extra for…

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