Phase 2 of the I-24 SMART Corridor Underway

Big updates to I-24 are still underway as Phase 2 of the SMART Corridor Project is in the process of being completed. 

The Tennessee Department of Transportation states that the goal of this project is to improve traffic flow along the corridor between Nashville and Murfreesboro. The results will provide drivers with a safer and more reliable commute. While drive times may not be significantly shortened, commuters should experience more consistent trips. 

The SMART Corridor will assess, direct, and control traffic in real time by utilizing ultra-high-definition cameras and other technological updates along I-24. According to TDOT, the widening of these roadways is neither financially reasonable, nor would it solve the traffic issues currently being experienced. 

Phase 1 of the I-24 SMART Corridor Project was completed in December of 2021. Workers began Phase 2 of the project in April of this year.

Phase 2 involves the construction of 67 overhead gantries along the heavily congested corridor connecting Rutherford and Davidson Counties. Workers are implementing electronic signs that will consist of red and yellow “X”s and green arrows. These signs are meant to redirect drivers into free lanes in order to avoid any upcoming hazards, lane closures, or construction.

Addition of the lane control gantries will work to effectively manage traffic and result in more stable drive times. The signs will also display a recommended speed limit depending on the current traffic conditions, which will prompt safer commutes for drivers. 

Construction of the gantries has been taking place overnight throughout the past few months, and is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2022. Once construction is completed, testing of the overhead boards will begin. Phase 2 is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s I-24 SMART Corridor Project will work to improve driving conditions by providing travelers with an overall safer and more reliable commute.

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