Forbes ranks Nashville as “hardest commute in the United States”… But it doesn’t have to be

According to,Nashville has been ranked “the hardest commute in the United States”, based on an analysis of eight data points.  

News Channel 5 reported Paul Thompson, driver for Nashville Ready Mix, saying, “Sometimes it will take you 45 minutes to get from Korean [Veterans] Boulevard over here to Visco Lane.”

Forbes took into account more factors than just driving time before ranking Nashville as number one in the country, such as road conditions, walkability, and public transportation options–which the city heavily lacks. In Nashville, there are 452,194 total workers over 16 years old, and with this many people, the city still scores a walk score of 29, transit score of 22, and bike score of 30. That means a majority of people are making their morning and evening commutes by car alone.

 When you add the summer and the tourists and the traffic, forget about it,” Thompson said. “It’s just getting worse.

However, it doesn’t have to. The TMA Group, along with VanStar, work to solve public transportation problems in and around the city. With VanStar, Nashvillians can share their morning commute with coworkers and friends, cutting down on gas costs and amount of cars on the road. Commutes, with VanStar’s efforts, have never been easier.

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