Ridesharing Frequently Asked Questions

How does ridesharing work with VanStar?

VanStar uses a sophisticated ride matching software that helps potential vanpoolers locate others nearby that share a similar commute. A carpool option is also available within the ride matching software.

What if I found a route but all the seats are full?

You can add yourself to a vanpool wait list and a seat becomes available.

What happens if I need to leave work early or stay late?

The Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program is available when an unscheduled event alters your work day routine. Each vanpool participant is eligible to receive six (6) GRH vouchers per calendar year. This service guarantees you a FREE ride back to your point of origin.

How much does it cost to rideshare with VanStar?

The price is based on the number of miles you commute each month. The average fare is between $50 - $150 a month per rider.

How much money can I save when I rideshare with VanStar?

The average vanpool rider saves around $4,000 a year on gas, maintenance and vehicle wear and tear.

How does ridesharing help the environment?

VanStar ridesharing reduces the number of vehicles commuting every day. This reduces pollutants and increases air quality in the Middle Tennessee region. 

Can I start my own VanStar vanpool if my commute route does not exist?

Yes. A minimum of 5 participants are needed to begin the process. Simply contact our VanStar team for assistance.

Where do we meet to start our commute?

Since vanpools help you share a ride with commuters who live nearby, the vanpool group will determine where to pick-up and drop-off their riders.

Who can drive?

VanStar encourages participants to share the role of driver. This will allow everyone an opportunity to relax and enjoy the commute.

VanStar driver criteria:

• Submit VanStar driver application
• Retain valid driver license
• Minimum age 25 years
• Accepted Motor Vehicle Report (MVR)
• Satisfactory completion of online safety course

Authorized drivers are insured through the VanStar program.

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