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Air Care is a family-oriented, half-hour, television series addressing transportation, air quality, and other environmental issues. Guests discuss environmental issues that affect everyone living in Williamson County and the Middle Tennessee region. Transportation, Environmental, and Healthcare professionals offer views suggestions on way to help reduce traffic congestion, diminish air pollution, care for the environment, and protect their health; along with ways to save money on transportation costs and energy expenses. The program is co-hosted by Williamson County Mayor, Rogers Anderson, and Debbie Henry, Executive Director of The TMA Group. Clean Air Spokesperson is Taylor Ware. Air Care is funded, in part, by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Tennessee Department of Transportation through the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Air Care 119 – June 2014

Air Care 118 – May 2014

The May Air Care Show features…

  • Pat Emery, President of Spectrum Properties/Emery, talks about the completion of Franklin Park located off I-65 in Cool Springs.  The 71-acre “Live Where You Work” development is the first of its kind in Middle TN.  Ben Bolton, Environmental Scientist for EnSafe, Inc., monitors air for Ozone in downtown Franklin and discusses why we need to be concerned about air quality alerts.
  • Mindy Tate, Executive Director of Franklin Tomorrow, and Preston Elliott, Chairman of the Franklin Transit Authority and Traffic Planner at RPM, share results of a Franklin Transportation Survey.
  • Stan Higgs, Business Development & Operations Director with The TMA Group, tells how to start your own Vanpool with a new van provided by VanStar.

Air Care 117 – April 2014

Air Care 174 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

Air Care April show feature include:

  • Kerry Perkinson, Oil Analyst and Vice President at Tennessee Bank & Trust in Franklin, discusses air pollution from vehicle emissions and makes his gasoline predictions for the next few years.
  • Dave Pelton talks with Greg Schmidt, Product Specialist at Darrell Waltrip Honda in Franklin, about the new Honda Accord hybrid.
  • Michael Skipper, Executive Director of the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) outlines future transportation plans for the metro area and the area’s “Bumper-to-Bumper” traffic congestion.
  • Dave Pelton talks with recipients of the Clean Air Partners’ “Outstanding Partner” Awards for 2013:  Tom Schmidt, Recycling Coordinator at Waves, Inc., Franklin; Skip Heibert, owner of Heibert & Associates in Brentwood; and Jacob Brown, HR Department at Healthways, Inc. in Franklin.

Air Care 114 – January 2014

Air Care 114 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

Air Care January show features Highlights from 2013:


  • The TMA Group receives Nashville Business Journal’s Impact Award.
  • Franklin, TN, honored: one of “America’s Favorite Towns” by Travel + Leisure Magazine.
  • The Girl Scout Council of Middle TN announces their first Transportation Patch.
  • Williamson County Bike Ped’s “Rules of the Road” campaign.
  • Dodd Galbreath, Executive Director Institute for Sustainable Practice at Lipscomb University reports on Jobs in the Transportation and Environment Industry.
  • Franklin City Mayor, Dr. Ken Moore Rides the Franklin Transit and interviews a rider.
  • Dan Oaks and Jimmy Moody, Moody’s Tire in Franklin; Ways to save money on vehicle maintenance
  • Alan Jones, Manager Policy Office Research & Policy Office Long Range Planning Division, TDOT;  Why is Transit so important to Air Quality.
  • Bill Pomakoy, President, Rhoades Bike Car, Hendersonville, shows off their new models.
  • Pat Emery, Cool Springs developer, talks about their newest development; Franklin Park.
  •  Jonathan Overly, East TN Clean Fuels, discusses alternative fuels at the Biodiesel Technician workshop.

Air Care 113 – December 2013

Air Care 113 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

December Aircare features include:

  • Alan Jones, Manager, Policy Office Research & Policy Office Long Range Planning Division, TDOT, announces 2014 incentives for Alternative Fuel dealers.
  • Dave Pelton, talks with Ron Veasey, Internet Sales Director at Nissan of Cool Springs, and shows off the new Nissan Leaf EV.
  • Phyllis Sutton, Vice President Volunteer and Membership Services, Girl Scouts of Middle TN, talks about their new Transportation Patch; the first and only one in Tennessee. The Franklin Transit Authority, represented by Dale Thomas, Vice Chairman, discusses FTA’s involvement in this project.
  • Lora Baulsir, General Manager RTA Park & Ride Express Bus Service, discusses
  • RTA’s commuter transportation services and routes in the Nashville Metro area.
  • Deanne Lambert, TDOT, presents information on the Interstate 24 Multimodal Corridor Study that is due in January 2014.

Air Care 112 – November 2013

Air Care 112.mp4 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

November Air Care features include:

Dave Pelton, Air Care’s Transportation & Energy Consultant, covers the recent Biodiesel Technician Training workshop at the Lincoln College of Technology (formerly NADC) and talks with Jonathan Overly, East TN Clean Fuels, and Rachel Burton Training Manager for the National Biodiesel Board, about benefits of using alternative fuels.

Dodd Galbreath, Executive Director of Lipscomb University’s Sustainable Practice Institute discusses Lipscomb’s Sustainable Practice programs and the growing demand for graduates to fill transportation and energy-related positions.

· Ben Bolton, Environmental Scientist with EnSafe, Inc., joins Air Care for a look at Particulate Matter and how it affects our air quality and our health.

Air Care 111 – October 2013

Air Care 111 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

October 2013 Air Care features include:

Co-hosts report on the recent Safe Routes to School Grants, Hiwassee
College’s fleet of Smart Cars (Madisonville, KY), and The TMA Group’s
25th Anniversary.

Are gas prices going up or down? Kerry Perkinson, Air Care’s Oil
Analysis and Vice President of the Tennessee Bank & Trust, discusses
oil and gas prices.

Developer Pat Emery, President of Spectrum/Emery, discusses “Franklin
Park” a 71-acre walk able office/residential community being constructed
at McEwen and I-65 in Cool Springs.

Debbie Henry and Franklin City Mayor, Dr. Ken Moore, take a Franklin
Transit city bus tour and discuss the FTA’s services. Mayor Moore
also talks with some of the regular riders.

Dave Pelton, Air Care’s Transportation & Energy Consultant, recaps
some of the Middle Tennessee transportation initiatives that have been
featured on the Air Care shows.

Air Care 110 – September 2013

Air Care 110 from TMA Group on Vimeo.
September 2013 Air Care features include:

Stan Higgs, VanStar’s Business Development & Operations Director, has tips on ways to cut work-commute expenses to as low as 5-cents a mile.(www.VanStar.com)

Rose Stegall, Franklin Police Department’s Bike Patrol Officer, and Joe Horne, Director Community Development for Williamson County, discuss Rules of the Road for both Cyclists and Drivers.

Dave Pelton, Air Care’s Transportation & Energy Consultant, tours the Rhoades Car Company in Hendersonville. Rhoades is the manufacturer of the 4-wheel Bike that drives like a car.

Transit Citizens Leadership Academy Presentation: A report on Transit Planning … ways cities, large and small, can plan ways to reduce traffic and save energy.

Air Care 109 – August 2013

Air Care 109 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

August 2013 Air Care features include:

Why everyone needs to be concerned about air pollution and ways everyone can help to reduce pollution, especially Ozone: Limit driving during Air Quality alerts, ride the Franklin Transit’s fixed routes free on Ozone alert days, carpool and vanpool.

Find out how to become a VanStar vanpool rider and save thousands of dollars each year on work-commute expenses. VanStar routes are now in 12 counties in Middle TN. www.VanStar.com

· Location visit to Moody’s Tire in Franklin to find out ways to increase MPG.

· Alan Jones, Manager, Policy Office Research & Policy Office Long Range Planning Division with TDOT, discusses how traffic congestion affects our Air Quality and steps that drivers can take to help reduce toxic vehicle emissions.

· Leslie Meehan, AICP, Director of Healthy Communities at the Nashville Area MPO, gives details on how schools, parents and children can get involved with the Safe Routes to School program.

Air Care 108 – July 2013

Air Care 108 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

July 2013 Air Care features include:

Spotlight on public transportation and its benefits plus more:

Why everyone needs to be concerned about air pollution, especially Ozone,
and limit driving during Air Quality alerts.

· City of Franklin Mayor, Dr. Ken Moore, takes a ride on the Franklin Transit and talks with passengers about the bus and impact of public transit

· Dave Pelton, Transportation and Energy Consultant, tours Sims Recycling Solutions in Lavergne and talks with Ingrid Sinclair, General Manager of Tennessee’s largest electronic equipment recycling facility.

· At the annual American Lung Association’s “Fight for Air Walk Debbie talks with Board Members and Volunteers about the concerns of poor air quality, especially ozone during the hot summer months. Summit Medical Center demonstrates how children should use their Inhaler spacers.

Air Care 107 – June 2013

Air Care 107 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

June 2013 Air Care features include:

Why everyone needs to be concerned about Air Quality, especially Ozone during the hot summer months and limit driving during Air Quality alerts.

Stanton Higgs, Business Development & Operations Director for The TMA Group, discusses how to start a VanStar vanpool.

Vans are furnished at No Charge.
Insurance and Maintenance Expenses are No Charge. The vanpool driver and riders share only the cost of the tax-free fuel.

VanStar vans are available for work commutes in the Middle Tennessee counties.
For more information call: 615-628-0268 or visit: www.VanStar.com

Dave Pelton, Air Care’s Transportation & Energy Consultant, visits Green
Village Recycling and tours the Rhoades Car Company, manufacturer of
4-wheel Bike Cars, in Hendersonville.

· Dump the Pump Day is June 20 – Ride the Franklin Transit Fixed Routes FREE

· Ride the Franklin Transit Fixed Routes FREE on Ozone Alert Days

Air Care 106 – May 2013

Air Care 106 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

May 2013 Air Care features include:

· Preston Elliott, RPM Transportation Consultant and Chairman of the Franklin Transit Authority, talks with Jessica Wilson, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator at TDOT, about Williamson County’s new bicycle paths and the laws that affect both cyclists and vehicles drivers. (For Bicycle Regulations: www.TNTrafficSafety.org)

· Dave Pelton, Air Care’s Energy and Environmental Consultant, visits Gray’s Scrap Iron Recycling in Lavergne, TN. Gray’s will buy almost anything metal; vehicles, boats, lawn furniture, pots and pans, aluminum siding and cans.

· Mark Shore, Executive Director of the Williamson County Convention & Visitors Bureau, shows off the Welcome Center in downtown Franklin at Fourth Avenue and Main.

Air Care 105 – April 2013

AC 105 Vimeo.mp4 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

April 2013 Air Care features include:

Why China is selling Canned Air?

Dr. Ken Moore, Mayor of Franklin, discusses the many developments
planned for the city, targeting the Carothers Parkway/McEwen corridor,
as well as expansions for the city’s Wastewater and Water Treatment plants.

Kerry Perkinson, Oil Analyst and Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer,
Tennessee Bank & Trust, Franklin, talks about the increase in gasoline
prices; $5 per gallon by the end of the year.

Erik Dougherty with E3 Innovate, Nashville, discusses why home-energy
inspections are so important and how home owners can save on utility
expenses by weatherizing their homes.

Gail Bost, with the TN American Lung Association, has details on the Fight
For Air Walk on May 18 at the Public Square Park in downtown Nashville.
For more information: www.MiddleTNWalk.org

Air Care can be seen each Sunday at 4 p.m. on NewsChannel 5+ (Comcast CH250) and on Wednesdays at 8am, 1pm, and 6pm on Williamson County TV (Comcast CH3). Programs can also be viewed at: www.tmagroup.org/clean-air-partnership/air-care-tv-show

Air Care 104 – March 2013

Air Care 104 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

The March Air Care program presents coverage of the Clean Air Partnership of Williamson & Rutherford Counties’ Celebration and Awards held at the Embassy Suites Cool Springs/Franklin on January 31.

Thomas Flagel, Author, Historian, and professor at Columbia State College TN was the keynote speaker. Excerpts from his presentations “The Greenest Generation … American Conservation and Allied Victory in world War 2” are also featured.

Julian Bibb, Board Chairman of The TMA Group, and Debbie Henry, Executive Director of TMA, presented four “Outstanding Clean Air Partners” and recognized their 125 Clean Air Partners, who represent over 17,000 area employees. Following the event, Guest Co-host Dave Pelton, Energy and Environmental Consultant, interviewed some of the award winners.

2012 CAP Outstanding Partners Awards were presented to:

Williamson County Schools – Brentwood High School, Brentwood, TN
Kevin Keidel, Principal, and Doug Anderson, Environmental Science Teacher

Franklin Tomorrow, Inc., Franklin, TN
Mindy Tate, Executive Director

Embassy Suites Cool Springs/Franklin, TN
Bob Horner, General Manager, and Trevor Goulding, Director of Sales

Lou Thompson, Executive Producer & Writer
Air Care TV series, Brentwood, TN

Air Care 103 – February 2013

AirCare103 from TMA Group on Vimeo.

Pat Emery, President of Spectrum/Emery, discusses Franklin Park at McEwen; 71-acre office park located at McEwen and I-65. All 5 office buildings and the apartment development, will be LEED’s certified.

Frank Rapley, General Manager Energy Efficiency Program Design at TVA, offers ways to save money on utilities and a free, on-line home-energy Evaluation to help home owners make their homes more efficient.

Lucy Devens, Development Manager with the Tennessee American Lung Association, has details on how to get involved with Nashville’s first Stair Climb scheduled for March 9 at the William R. Snodgrass Tower; 27 floors and 638 stairs. For more information: www.StairClimb.org

Gail Bost, also with the local American Lung Association, talks about toxic household cleaning products that can affect your health.

Air Care 102 – January 2013

· Ben Bolton, Environmental Scientist with EnSafe Inc., discusses Radon Testing (Part II) and installation of a home testing system

· Stanton Higgs, Business Development and Operations Director with TMA, shares benefits of regional commuter program – VanStar

· Mayor Rogers Anderson and Debbie Henry take a look back at highlights from 2012


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