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Why Join The TMA Group?

You are environmentally responsible and want to be part of the solution in reducing the impact of your carbon footprint in this community.

You want to enhance your ability to retain and attract the best people for your company by helping your employees with the difficult challenge of affordable and safe commutes.

You want to demonstrate to this community that your company wants to be part of the solution to alleviate traffic congestion and energy consumption and improve air quality and the environment .

You want to connect and network with other companies who share your desire to be a leader in building a stronger, sustainable community.

What does The TMA Group offer?

Incentive Programs – The TMA Group can design an incentive program to entice employees, tenants, and customers to try an alternative to commuting alone to work.

Data Collection – The TMA Group can develop and distribute surveys to better understand your site’s needs in order to customize a plan for your company.

Carbon Reduction & Sustainability – The programs offered through The TMA Group can help you meet your climate action plan goals and LEED certification criteria.

Information Updates – The TMA Group website serves as a one-stop information shop to keep members up-to-date about what’s happening in the area and its potential impact for member employees, tenants, and customers.

Advocacy and Partnerships – The TMA Group serves as a voice for transportation investments that increase mobility options for everyone, alleviate congestion in our communities, reduce energy consumption, and enhances our quality of life. Our staff partners with the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Regional Transportation Authority, local, state, and federal leaders and other advocacy organizations to make sure the needs of our members are met.

Communication and Marketing – The TMA Group keeps in touch with our members and their employees on a regular basis through newsletters, transportation fairs, employee presentations and one-on-one commute planning.

Networking Opportunities – The TMA Group offers members the opportunity to share their transportation-related ideas and concerns with each other and their local municipal officials. Our member roundtables and area events provide a great value for our members throughout the region to connect.

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